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Alyana a ray of hope, a home for the people in need.
Addiction-the killing decease of our society. Alyana along with the core team are not only fighting against addiction also creating a healthy society. We also work for mental illness, child with special need and old age people. Our team consist of reputed psychiatrist, friendly psychologist and general physician.

Avijit Roy being a recovering addict started this organisation along with few other recovering addicts. Most of the staffs of Alyana are consist of recovering addicts so that they understand the problem from the core and can help the people in a better way.

The process starts with detoxification where we help the addicts to get used to live a life without addiction. In this process our renowned physician takes care of the physical withdrawal with continues monitoring and proper medication.

After detoxification the main process starts. That is rehabilitation where we help the addicts to start a fresh life with continuous counselling and various classes. The counselling process contains personal counselling also group counselling and family counselling which help the addicts as well as their family members to come out of their problems and ups and downs of life.

In Alyana we believe that addiction is a decease and it can be cured.
In Alyana we have different departments for the addicts, mental illness,special child and old age. Inside Alyana we believe in a friendly and homely atmosphere. Our in-house inmates practice yoga pranayam and meditation on a daily basis. We have gymnasium facility and loads of indoor games which help the inmates to be engaged and physically fit. We maintain a very healthy food habits which include proper dietary nutrients for individuals. The rehabilitation process helps the in-house patients to learn a routine lifestyle. We also organise different events and activities so that our inmates never get bored with the routine life. We do have continuous monitoring system so that we can understand individuals needs.
Alyana is working 24/7 for the people in need and we are always acceble for the family members.
The mantra of Alyana is nobody is hopeless and that is why we call our self a ray of hope.


When life is afraid of it's own shadow the one who takes you out of that shadow is " ALYANA " ( Mission Of Life ) a ray of hope.
In Alyana, we belive to create a day when people who all have got scattered in their life due to addiction will rehabilitate themselves in a clean healthy life and also make a beautiful life for the people who are in needs, people who are differently able and the people of different ages.


Recovery is not a destination, it is a journey. All our activities are focused upon helping addicts and their family members to lead a happy, healthy and productive life. It is a known fact that 'Alyana' staff mainly consists of recovering addicts along with professional psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. Initially Avijit Roy started 'Alyana' as a therapeutic center for drug / alcohol dependency, however 'Alyana' is a shelter for all the people in need and people who has lost their path due to different reason. In 'Alyana' we believe in living a discipline life through proper rehabilitation.

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