We, at Alyana, are number one alcohol and drug de addiction center in Kolkata. Our dedicated treatment centre provides comprehensive treatments for types substance addictive disorders.

Our programs are:

  • Alcoholism and alcohol de-addiction treatment
  • Opioid replacement therapy ( helps with the addiction of opium, heroin, afeem, brown sugar, pethidine)
  • Canabis de-addiction treatment ( used for marijuana, ganja, weed, bhang, hashis, charas)
  • De-addiction treatment for stimulants ( mephedrone, amphetamine, cocaine)
  • De-addiction treatment for prescribed medicines ( pain killers, sleeping pills)
  • De-addiction treatment for other addictions ( nail polish remover, paint thinner, petroleum products, synthetic glue etc)
  • Gambling addiction treatment
  • Treatment of behavioral disorders
  • Treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Lifestyle management training
  • Mobile addiction treatment and therapy

Theater Therapy:

Theater therapy plays a very important role in our de-addiction program where our recovering addicts can express themselves with loads of theatrical activities. It also helps them to show their emotion and teach the patients how to control anger, sorrow and disguise in a proper chanel. Theater is a platform where our inmates express all their emotional outburst and channelize that into a proper artform. We have already presented a couple of shows in front of the audience. BEWARISH is a creation of Alyana rehabilitation center. Renowned actor Nigel Akkara along with his team Kolhal Theater workshop is associated with us and helps our inmates to make a career in theater.

Family Counseling:

Family counseling plays a major role in our counseling therapy. We in Alyana, while dealing with addicts, need to know the detailed history of that patient and his/ her close family members as they are the best persons to give the information about them. Now when it comes to counseling, we start with the closest one and help them to understand the root cause of the problem of the addicts. Because once a patient is admitted in Alyana, their stay with us will be periodic and our motive is to send them back to normal life. In family counseling we help the family members to get accustomed with the schedule followed by us and also advise them to deal with the addicts as per the directions given by our psychologists. Most family members go through loads of traumas due to the behavioural disorder of the addicts. Therefore they also need loads of help and counseling sessions from the psychologists. Here in Alyana we don’t treat only the addicts but we also treat a family who is suffering from an addiction problem. We believe in healthy life and that is why we give equal importance to family counseling so that once the patient is discharged he should live a healthy and addiction free life.

De Addiction Treatment:

Addiction is a disease and it needs to be treated like any other mental or physical disorder. In de addiction treatment we believe in an ongoing process which includes regular counseling, maintaining a day to day time schedule, yoga, meditation and different types of therapies such as cultural as well as mental and physical exposures. Being an addict the very first thing which a patient lacks are mental and physical well being and get detached from our society by their unruly schedule and behavioral disorders. So once they are in a rehabilitation program they first need to learn to maintain their life in a time schedule with their inmates which helps them to get used to their family and the society in the long run. Now when it comes to the mental and physical well being, we, at Alyana, have trained psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians who help the addicts to frame their life in the mainstream. Once they are out of addiction they need to know the other fun elements of life and that is why we as a deaddiction center provide them cultural activities, gymnasium, art and craft facility, theater therapy, music and many more.

The main motive of de addiction program is support an addict to come back to normal regular life with a good mental and physical health. In Alyana we not only promise a drug free life we also promise a person with a change behavior and change personality with a good cause for our society.

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Counseling plays a very important role in de addiction treatment. In Alyana we have 24 hours in house trained psychologists who conduct regular counseling to the patient. This counseling session includes personal one is to one discussion, group discussion and family counseling where our trained psychologist conducts different therapy to the patients and the family members. Counseling plays a major role for recovery where we find out the root cause of addiction and behavioral disorder. Once the root cause is found the psychologist treat the problem with therapies and help the addicts to come out of addiction problem. We also council the family member according to the need of the patient so that once the patient is discharged he can get easily accustomed with the family and go back to mainstream. We conduct regular psychometric tests for the patients to understand their present situation. This psychometric test is done by a reputed physician and trained psychologists. Alyana believes counseling is a major key factor of the treatment and that’s why all the psychologists associated with Alyana are very well trained and efficient.

F6-57, Beledanga Road, Jote Shibrampur, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700141

9748250774 | 9038084386

info@alyana.org | alyana.kolkata@gmail.com